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Bolivia, in the middle of South America along the Andes Mountains, the world’s largest montain range, is the perfect place for great outdoor adventures and a true cultural escape. Bolivia’s Indigenous people date from the pre-Columbian era and are one of the most pure of the ancient cultures. It was once a part of the Inca empire that incorporated lands in  Ecuador, Peru, western and south central Bolivia, northwest Argentina, north and north-central Chile, and southern Colombia. It was a state comparable to the historical empires of the Old World.

There are now few remains of the Inca heritage left to visit, but Peru and Bolivia preserve the most spectacular remnants of the Inca architecture that can still be seen. Bolivian Culture is considered one of the most original indigenous cultures of South America.

Today, the indigenous cultures of eastern Bolivia live in much the same way as they did hundreds of years ago.

One of the best ways to experience Bolivia is to stay at Hostal De Su Merced In Sucre-Bolivia. Sucre is the capital city of Bolivia and central to all transport and tours. 

From here you can visit the many sites in the city and take tours to the salt fields, the great lakes, the silver mines and the mountains. You can visit the witches’ market, museums, the ancient cultures of Boliva and its many unique landscapes and scenery. There are many native dances and festivals to visit. 

Our tours include accommodation with our  5 start hotel partners in major Bolivia siteseeing and historic areas.  These   Include Sucre, La Paz and Santa Cruse,  Stay in the comfort and safety of Start properties  where you may tour and explore everything from the pre-inca ruins of Titwanana to the larges repository of Dinosaur Footprints in the world. 

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