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Bolivia – Ancient Cultures and Breathtaking Scenery – Enjoy our Adventure Tours

Bolivia is a country that is located at the core of South America. It lies along one of the world’s most famous mountain ranges, the Andes. It is a land which is covered in forests, rocks, salt flats, lakes and mountains with a magnificent landscape.
It was once part of the Inca Kingdom. The ruins of their monuments and buildings have been embedded in the landscape giving tourists and locals sacred and revered places to visit and connect with.

Previous to Incas, cultures such as the Viracocha governed the scenery. They were believed to be the first ever evolving humans by the Inca tribe. They were thought to have risen from the holy Lake Titicaca to occupy the earth. The Viracocha worshiped the sun, moon, rock temples, testaments and structures that leave memoirs in the scenery. For instance, at the Cretaceous Park, there are the footprints of a dinosaur.
In comparison to other areas, like the very famous Machu Picchu located in the outskirts of Peru, there are rarely large numbers of people at the Bolivian scenic and sacred places.

At Lake Titicaca, you will see boats made of reeds anchored in their ports and sailing in the water. There are also many floating isles made of the same reeds. These are homes to local fishermen. 

Bolivia's number one economic activity is the exportation of minerals. There is also an abundance of lithium that lies beneath the salt flats. It is well worth the trip to explore the salt desert, which may one day be excavated to mine lithium. So far the government has stopped all development to preserve the rich habitat of the salt ponds.
Bolivia has a varied wildlife, including: the condor (the earth’s largest bird), flamingos, pink dolphins and other types of insects, birds and mammals. 
This area also has an unbelievable landscape: the Andes, low-lying lands, hot or cold deserts, volcanic mountains, sea or lakes and places where custom has thrived throughout the past centuries.
BoliviaHotelSpecial and Tours has put together private tours in conjunction with professionals and Bolivia Hoteliers. The tours are coordinated by the local experts and local  tour companies. Local information and personal details make a difference.
Following a day on the road, revisit four and five star hotels in Sucre, Santa Cruz or La Paz. Enjoy the open terraces in the grand Hostal de Su Merced. Fresh fruits and gourmet delights await you, before retiring to the relaxed room with the magnificent view of the city at the night time.
For the night-time travellers, there are clubs and bars. Bolivians will dress smartly for the evening, thus one has to dress appropriately in order to fit in.
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